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REDARC Battery Master Isolation Switch - 4PP

Micks Gone Bush

Typically used on high current 12V heavy vehicles, the REDARC Battery Master Isolator Switch is used in heavy vehicles with dual start cables.

The Battery Master Isolator Switch is designed to safely isolate vehicle batteries and ensure reliable performance when the vehicle is operating.

The REDARC Battery Master Isolator Switch will also ensure that no loads are drawn from the vehicle whilst not in use, thereby reducing flat battery faults.

The Battery Master Isolator Switch meets and exceeds the requirements of large diesel engines in 12 and 24 volt systems and features an ISO 26262 rated dual redundancy system to avoid false triggering.

The Battery Master Isolator Switch by REDARC, fitted as OE at Kenworth is now available for heavy vehicle applications.The REDARC BMIS4PPKIT also includes a BMIS-CK connector kit as standard if the BMIS is not installed on a Kenworth. 

For retrofitting installations, REDARC recommends the purchase of the BMIS-AP adaptor plate.

Both the BM1S-CK connector kit and the BM1S-AP can be purchased as separate stand-alone accessories through your local distributor.



  •          Compatible with existing roll-over sensors
  •          Reviewed by independent heavy vehicle experts
  •          Durable, UV resistant housing, resistant to rocks and water
  •          Easy to install from new or as a retrofit



  •          Rated IP66, IP67 & IP69K
  •          Dual redundancy feature to avoid false triggering
  •          Continuous self-checking function
  •          In-built lockout capability
  •          In-built diagnoses from external looms and remote actuating devices