Power Up with Micks Gone Bush
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Lithium Batteries Revolution Power 200 AH 100 AMP Continuous

Micks Gone Bush

Lithium Batteries Revolution Power 200 AH 100 AMP Continuous. Revolution Power Solutions 12v 200Ah Lithium Battery RPL12-200, caravan, camper dual battery system. Revolution Power Australia’s lithium batteries are the ultimate in deep-cycle battery technology delivering unrivalled performance and product life span. Australia’s most advanced state of the art Battery Management System (BMS) inbuilt ensures peace of mind when it comes to battery protection and safety.

  • Lighter Weight: Up to 1/3 the weight of traditional AGM batteries.
  • Faster Recharge: 5x faster recharge times than AGM’s
  • Longer Life Cycle: Up to 5000 cycles at 50% depth of discharge
  • Extremely Low Self-Discharge Rate: can sit unused for long periods of time
  • Purposely Built: for Caravans, Camper trailers, Motor homes, 4WD, Marine Vessels, Trucks
  • Proudly Australian Owned and Operated
  • Built-in Battery Management System: Controls cell balancing, over and under-voltage protection, short circuit protection, thermal protection
  • Proven Parallel Ability: Use in parallel to increase your capacity for longer storage
  • High Discharge Rate: holds voltage under high discharge
  • Flat Discharge Curve: longer run time and more efficient
  • Safety: LiFePO4 is the safest and most stable of all lithium chemistries reducing associated risks


Electrical Specifications
Total Capacity    250Ah
Usable Capacity (C20, 25ºC)    200Ah
C20 Rating (useable Amps to 10.5v)    200Ah
Nominal Voltage    12.8v
Self-Discharge Rate    ≤ 3%
Short Circuit Protection    200-500us
Discharge Specifications    
Maximum Continuous Discharge    100A
Peak Discharge Current    400A Pulse 2-4 sec
Cell Discharge Rating    1C
Discharge Cut Off Voltage    10.0v
Life Cycles 80% DOD    2000
Life Cycles 50% DOD    5000
Operating Temperatures    
Optimum Temperature Range    -10 ~50 ºC
Operational Temperature Range    -40 ~ 80 ºC
Storage Temperature Range    -40 ~ 120 ºC

Mechanical Specifications
Dimension (L x W x H)    485x168x242mm
Weight    25.6Kg
Cell Type    Prismatic Pouch Cells
Cell Chemistry    LiFePO4
Case Material    Polycarbonate IP54
Terminal Type    M8
Charge Specifications    
Recommended Charge Current    5 – 60A
Maximum Charge Current    60A
Recommended Charge Voltage    14.6V ± 0.2V
BMS Charge Cut Off Voltage    15.6v

Approved For Use In Internal/Enclosed Area
Certifications and Testing    ISO9001 Certified
    CE Certified
    RoHS Certified
    UN38.3 Certified
    SGS Audited
    Intertek Audited
    IEC Certified

Maximum Inverter Size 1000W Per Battery


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