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REDARC 24V Smart Battery Charger

Micks Gone Bush

The REDARC Smart Battery Charger (SBC) is a “set and forget” four stage charger that automatically brings and maintains 100% charge to 24V Lead Acid, AGM, Gel and Calcium content batteries. Being a Smart battery charger, it is controlled by a microprocessor, which is constantly checking the charging process. A battery will last longer and charge faster when charged using the Four Stage process. 


• Charges lead-acid, calcium-calcium, calcium-hybrid, AGM and Gel batteries

• Smart charging capability

• Four-stage charging pattern

• Battery conditioning

• Fault detection

• Tested to main power safety standards in Australia

Input (Operating) Voltage 240VAC
Output System Voltage 24VDC
Output Current Rating (Cont.) 2.5A
Output Power 80W
Warranty 2 Years
Length (mm) 165
Width (mm) 140
Height (mm) 60
Weight (kg) 1.55
AC Mains Plug Type AU, NZ

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