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REDARC Encapsulated Protection Device

Micks Gone Bush

REDARC has released an Encapsulated Protection Device (EPDK-001). It is rated at 7 Amps for both 12 and 24V applications. It is totally encapsulated with sealed connections for superior weather protection.

The EPDK-001 has been designed and engineered to fit in the Trailer Stop Lamp feed to support the installation of Tow-Pro Electric Brake Controllers on vehicles where ‘back-feed’ of 12V (during Tow-Pro Manual Override) may interfere with the vehicle systems. When installed correctly, the EPDK-001 ensures correct Trailer braking and Stop Lamp operation when the vehicle brakes or the Tow-Pro Manual Override is used.

It supports 12V and 24V applications capable of supporting a maximum continuous current of 7 Amps at a maximum ambient temperature of 850 C.

To learn how to fit a Tow-Pro Elite with or without the EPDK view this handy tech tip or read about why you should choose the REDARC Encapsulated Protection Device over other standard diodes.

Rating 7A (12V/24V)
Packaging Dimensions 150x200mm
Wiring Supplied with 500mm wires and mating connector
Weight (g) 77

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