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REDARC Trailer Lighting Interface

Micks Gone Bush

The REDARC Trailer Lighting Interface module permits late model vehicles to tow a trailer with LED lamps or incandescent globes.
It senses the vehicle lighting signals without loading the vehicle lighting circuit or control module.

The Trailer Lighting Interface draws the power for the trailer lighting directly from the vehicle battery and switches it to the trailer light circuit based on the input signals received.

The module is designed to be mounted inside the rear of the vehicle with the trailer lighting harness before the trailer plug.
If the vehicle has a genuine trailer lighting kit the Trailer Lighting Interface must be installed on the vehicle light side, not the output side of the kit.


  • Up to 42 Watts per circuit
  • Protects vehicle lighting circuits and control module
  • Compatible with LED lamps and incandescent globes
Input (Operating) Voltage 12VDC
Warranty 2 Years
Supplied Cable 1.5m
Length (mm) 80
Width (mm) 40
Height (mm) 20
Weight (kg) 0.17

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